Chat House Operations Manager

Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Management Team

Help WantedAn Operations Manager and an Assistant Manager would share the responsibilities of managing the day-to-day operations of the Chat House.  The Managers would be employed directly by Chat House, and the Operations Manager would be accountable to the President.  Their responsibilities would include: shift scheduling and human resources management, quality control and taste testing, stock oversight and ordering, coffee roasting and grinding, special event management (as it relates to Chat House operations), customer service for business customers (such as hosting corporate events), crisis management (employee gets sick, coffee machine breaks, run out of cups, etc.), training new employees, etc.  The managers would each be on call for about 70 hours a week, and would be expected to spend about 25-40 hours a week to fulfill their duties.  The Operations Manager would be compensated with a base salary plus a percentage of gross profits, and would be responsible for the operational aspects of Chat House.  The American Operations Manager may also be offered a percentage of ABE ownership to represent Chat House and ABE in the US as we solicit investments for the startup capital.  We are seeking to hire an American with coffee or restaurant management experience for this Operations Manager position.