Chat House Offerings

Our flagship project is "Chat House", a coffeehouse in Ufa, Russia.

Premium Coffee & Tea

Premium Coffee & Tea

Chat House would offer quality non-alcoholic hot drinks, focusing on gourmet coffee and teas.  We would offer some specialty drinks that are not available anywhere else in the city, such as Oregon Chai and perhaps bubble tea.  We would also offer a smaller selection of premium desserts and snacks to complement our drink offerings, including Ruma’s Handmade Chocolate.  We would offer English conversational lessons and clubs, as well as other social events such as movie nights, mini-concerts, board game tables, etc.

We would look for a location where we could have regular seating and also a room or an area that could be closed off for events.  This would allow us to offer English conversational classes, English clubs, and other events.  We would seek to create a warm atmosphere that would be the premium place in the city for friends to gather for non-alcoholic drinks and social interaction.  We have discussed our plans with many of our local friends and they have responded very enthusiastically to this concept!  These social events would help to expand our customer base and support our core business which would be premium quality coffee.